Fruit Theft turns into Panic, 1905

As temperatures soared recently on 19th July 2022 under blue skies, I was reminded of a story which took place on 19th July 1905, some 117 years ago to the exact day.

It concerned another warm, sunny summers’ day when two local lads had broken into the orchards at Blantyre ferme and were helping themselves to ripened strawberries. To their surprise, they were suddenly scared off by the fruit grower. Being chased, the two lads had little option during their escape other than to jump into the fast flowing River Clyde. A dangerous move which hadn’t been planned for.

Their flight quickly became pleas for help, and the fruit grower became the rescuer. Both boys had almost lost their lives. A lesson learned, they were let go and proceeded home in a state of shock and presumably, some relief.

Pictured is Arch Brown, the fruit grower at these orchards.

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