Crossbasket Comparison

Like an elegant rebirth, this comparison of Crossbasket House in 2012 and on the right as it looks now in 2022, is simply stunning. There’s no doubt that the last decade has saved this grand old building from oblivion, judging from my collage.

Despite best efforts of owners and volunteers in the late 20th Century, Crossbasket House was in decline and in time became derelict. Thanks to a very timely and considerate renovation, not to mention an injection of care, funding and love, Crossbasket House was reborn as Crossbasket Castle, and once again as it had done so long ago, put Blantyre back on the map. Fitting for a building which has parts of it, half a Millennium old!

To anybody who’s been away from Blantyre for years, Crossbasket is well worth a visit if you’re ever back to the area.

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