Blantyre Parish Council, 1929

In 1929, members of the former Blantyre Parish Council met once again to be photographed. The men (and a woman) were photographed outside the Council Chambers at High Blantyre.

Blantyre Parish Council formed in 1895 and they succeeded a much earlier form of the organisation, in the form of Blantyre Parochial Board. Both the Parochial Board and the Parish Council were to be involved in all matters of shaping Blantyre, most notably in its educational, social, infrastructure and housing reforms. Important matters such as installing Blantyre’s Gas, Water and the building of schools were taken and made by the Board with many important decisions for the village being undertaken by these people pictured.

Today, there are several streets, parks and buildings named after these Board members. It was therefore perhaps one of the most important organisations Blantyre has ever seen. Meetings took place every month. 

Under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1929, the Parish Council disappeared and from 16th April 1930 became part of the 5th District Council of the County of Lanark (a predecessor to South Lanarkshire Council). It is likely for this reason that this photo was taken.

In this photo, I see Councillors McAnulty, Swinburne and Maxwell. I wonder what all these individuals would have made of modern Blantyre today!?

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