Two Boys and a Barrow

Two wee Blantyre boys pose for a photographer, who is known to be David Ritchie (of School Lane, Broompark Avenue then later Main Street, High Blantyre). The photo dates sometime between 1895 and 1905, potentially over 120 years ago. This barrow, I believe was hand crafted by David who was primarily a joiner by trade. The wooden barrow appears in other photos a little more worse for wear, including photos of David’s infant daughter, placing the barrow at location in other photos at Broompark Avenue.

The location may be around the School Lane area of High Blantyre prior to the family moving to Broompark Avenue. The boys, mere toddlers wear play clothes. Laces untied, the knees worn to holes. I have to wonder who they are and what lives they led. I wonder if they were of combat age by WW1?

This photo hasn’t been seen online before, so it’s with thanks to Alex Bowie for sharing.

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