Tram Car Stop Marker

In October 2021, local man Jim Donnelly posted these two photos of a strange object he found in or near the River Calder at Priory Bridge. It looks fairly rounded from being in the water but interestingly, lettering could be seen on it, spelling the word ‘ridge’. Given the location, the word is likely BRIDGE and the tarring at the bottom of the stone would suggest it was once stuck to something, perhaps the bridge itself or maybe the cobbles or kerb at the roadside.

I suggested this was one of two stones which together said “Priory Bridge” and was potentially the marker stone for the tram stopping place at Priory Bridge. If so, the marker could be more than 100 years old. It may however, simply have been a stone nameplate for the bridge itself, a bridge now no longer used and hidden at the modern roadside.

An interesting find, nonetheless. If you know what this stone was actually for, do get in touch.

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