Healing Slowly and Steadily

I’ve a few messages from people asking how I am after my operation. Thought i’d post a little update. I had a nice unexpected gift from work colleagues today as my recovery hits the halfway point. 6 weeks in from my 12 weeks off.

In honesty, I think i’m a little behind where I should be for halfway. Still with bruising and swelling on my leg and feeling tired in afternoons especially. Occasionally, I hear the wires in my breastplate clicking together, reminding me, my bones haven’t yet fused back together. My insides are still healing, so I sometimes feel sick after eating.., but thankfully that is becoming less frequent and there are also lots of positives.

I’m now able to walk good distances again and the pain of scars on my leg and chest is gone. I’m off painkillers. My scars are thin, neat and thankfully never got infected, healing nicely. I can sleep on my side again. My breathlessness is improving the further I get from my surgery and I’m feeling stronger to do more things at home and in the garden. Looking forward to gently swimming again next month. I have good support of friends and family all around me and enjoyed some emails and letters from people asking after me. It’s most appreciated. I’m taking it easy as advised, found my creative mojo again in writing and research ….and not thought about work even once since 18th Feb.

Slow and steady.


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  1. Thank you for letting us know of your progress, Paul. It sounds like good news ahead. Slowly improving is the sensible way to go….listening to the battered body, and building it up again. Take your time recovering. We can all wait for you. Take care. Bev Smith

  2. Well done Paul for coming off your pain meds, I still occasionally have some if I’ve overdone things! Sounds like you are taking it “Slowly and carefully” as my mother always used to say, so no worries about how long it is taking to recover, my goodness it is a huge surgery and you are healing soooo well, no infections, which is super fantastic!! All hail to the recoverer!

  3. 👍 Thumbs up Paul!
    Best wishes.

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