Bananas at Gilmours, 1907

How incredible we take certain things for granted these days. This advert from 1907 for Gilmours on Glasgow Road, Blantyre was a good reminder of progress and trying things for the first time.

“Food for the Gods – BANANAS – Carefully ripened in our own Banana House. You cannot know how good Bananas are until you have tried these – such as Gilmours – which have been ripened under natural conditions. Price 3d per dozen.”

It made me wonder of the logistics of importing bananas from abroad, transporting and storing them in those days. How available they were to the everyday local person. Were they a luxury product? A novelty? The advert would suggest they weren’t common and of course Gilmours was certainly promoting theirs as being the best. It made me wonder if there were other shops in Blantyre at the time which sold Bananas.

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