Sunday Morning Disturbance

On 3rd August 1908, three Blantyre people stood up in court having been charged with a breach of the peace. It was said that on the morning of 12th July that year at Causewayshot (where Cloudhowe Terrace is now), Mrs Helen Stewart, Hugh Lavery and Mrs Mary Lavery pled not guilty to fighting with each other in a disorderly manner. Mrs Stewart had apparently struck Lavery on the face and pulled his wife’s hair where Lavery and his wife are alleged to have struck Mrs Stewart back.

Whilst this was a serious matter, there was considerable amusement in the courtroom when a young boy acting as a witness, insisted upon re-acting the strikes, graphically posing and acting out by himself the various phases of the brawl.

As further witnesses confirmed the boy’s account, Mrs Stewart was fined 15s and Hugh Lavery 10s. Mrs Lavery was found not guilty.

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