Origins of Miners Welfare

Most people in Blantyre are aware of the existing Miners Welfare Building on Calder Street, an important building for all the community.

I was interested to learn though that despite it opening in the late 1920’s, thoughts of constructing this building originated, much earlier.

In August 1908 the Hamilton Advertiser reported that Blantyre miners for a long time had been considering a large hall in the middle of Blantyre. A committee existed for that purpose with Andrew McAnulty as Chairperson so they could energetically pursue the project. It was suggested the miners should form themselves into a limited company and run the business on the co-operative principal. It was proposed that the hall should be well equipped, including to cater for all entertainments. The committee were to put forth their proposals.

I was unable to find why the Miners Welfare hall took so long, a further two decades to be created, although it made sense not be built during WW1 and the time of the general miners strikes.

1928 Miners Welfare at Calder St, upon opening.

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