New Police Office, 1908

Police Station at Victoria Street 2002

If you stop for a second at the junction of Victoria Street and Calder Street, you may just be able to appreciate how beautiful a building the Police Station is. Now think back to August 1908 when that Summer , the residents of Blantyre marvelled at this beautiful, new and grand public building rising from the ground. Around it towards Glasgow Road were houses and the Stonefield School, but to the immediate south, there was no welfare centre, no Calder Street or Auchinaith Schools, no playparks or crescent housing. Just fields.

Calder Street itself was a quagmire of mud and Victoria Street had not long been named. At the end of August 1908, a short report appeared in the Hamilton Advertiser describing the spectacle of this new construction stating:

“The new Police office is beginning to rear itself above the street level and although it is too early to form any definite idea of its size in height, yet one can now get a probable indication of its dimensions. The first storey has now been reached and the builders Mssrs Kerr & Sons are pushing on the work. Given a few more weeks of this fine weather, they should be able to make substantial progress with this building.”

Now 114 years old, the Police Station is pictured in 2002 in a photo shared by Robert Stewart.

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