A faithful canine companion to Colliery Cashier, Neil Douglas was ‘Hector’, the dog pictured.

Neil, who was an avoid bowler lived in Sydes Brae and according to one newspaper report, his dog was known to have gone with him everywhere, accompanying him on Bowling tournaments throughout the area.

This man’s best friend showed considerable restraint at the edge of the Bowling Greens, sitting patiently awaiting his master to play his turn. Their friendship and closeness was well known, with other members of the Blantyre Bowling club exceptionally tolerant of the presence of Hector.

Though had to tell from the photo due to the movement of the dog, I would say Hector was probably a collie.

Following Hector’s natural demise in 1908, Neil retired from bowling that year too, perhaps his enthusiasm for the sport curbed by the passing of his companion. For a few years after, until his death in 1912, Neil was seen as a spectator at the edges of the green, though continued to take an active interest as supporter.

Hector and Neil are pictured here at Blantyre Bowling Club in the early part of the 1900s.

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