Autumnal News, 1909

At the start of September 1909, the Hamilton Herald told readers of a few “Autumnal” related matters occurring in Blantyre. As summer months started to end, a few Autumn stories and matters appeared in newspaper columns. I’ve picked a few interesting items.

“Signs are not awanting to remind us that the winter season is fast approaching. Passing some of our Blantyre halls on evenings, the sound of the fiddle once again denotes dancing on darker nights has once again started.”

“Our street lamps, which have just had their usual summer spell of idleness, are once more going so demonstrate their usefulness, as the lanterns were fixed up during the past few days, and by Friday night the light that faileth not will again be in evidence. There is a feeling throughout the place that the Lamps ought to have been lit at least a fortnight ago.”

“The roadway for pedestrian traffic which leads across the Viaduct between Blantyre and Bothwell was closed on Sunday, and no person was allowed to cross from either side. Throughout the day, many an amusing scene was witnessed, as those who wished to cross had to take the long and circuitous route of the Whistleberry Road. The road across the Viaduct is a most popular walk, and on Sunday particularly is used by hundreds of people, and when they were stopped they naturally could not understand the reason why. However, the reason is easily explained, and is the same thing which takes place on just one Sunday every year at this time. The roadway is private, belonging to Messrs William Baird & Coy., Ltd., the proprietors of Craighead Colliery, and whilst they permit the public to walk over it, to protect their rights and stamp a reminder of authority, they close the road once a year for a day.”

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