1950’s Shuttle Row

The third from four photos of the David Livingstone National Memorial, now rebranded as the David Livingstone Birthplace. Of course, this is Shuttle Row, built in the late 18th Century, a couple of decades before David was born.

The photo dates from the late 1950’s or early 1960s and people of a certain age may remember the tearoom and ice cream shop on the far right, once so popular with visitors. The old turnstiles just out the picture on the right. The gardens so well kept and colourful.

If you’ve not visited the rebranded museum yet, please do so , though be mindful restrictions on opening hours are currently in place. More information can be found at https://www.david-livingstone-birthplace.org

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  1. How well I remember Paul, not having the money to go to the wee tea shop, and looking longingly at the signs and the wealthier folk going in and out but the gardens and the swings made up for that.. we loved the park.

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