Stonefield Parish Church Group

A final photo from Penny Robertson. This is the Stonefield Parish Church Group. The Rev Thomas Pryde sits in the middle and members of the congregation around him. This is a presumed church outing, but the location is unknown. There seems to be a tudor type house on the right hand side, and the building so prominently photographed in the background is of unique style. I’m not so sure this is Blantyre.

However, these are Blantyre people. Daniel Sprott is in the back row, third from the left, and the half concealed woman beside him, second from the left is thought to be Margaret McQuater, pictured here in the 1910’s. Her brother, John McQuater is in the front row, sitting cross-legged in front of the minister.  

Penny told me, “As both families must have attended this church, I think it would probably have been how my grandparents met.”

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