Blantyre Football Team

From the 1910’s, whilst this photo is marked Blantyre Vics, I’m not sure it is, for I don’t remember reading about Vics playing in hoops ever. It could possibly be Blantyre Celtic or most likely another local team. Mr Daniel Sprott is pictured second from the left, second row wearing a strip next to the man with the cap far left. The buildings at the back could be Glasgow Road, which would set the scene as this being Vics ground or Blantyre Celtics ground. I did find an entry that Daniel once played with nearby Burnbank, so I’m open to this too.

During WW1, Daniel was treasurer of 599 Masonic Lodge at Stonefield and it would certainly seem he was a sporty chap.

By the time Daniel emigrated to Australia, outbreaks of TB in Central Scotland were also causing people to move, for safe, healthier climates. It’s unknown how many of these Blantyre players pictured went off to war and indeed who survived! With thanks to Penny Robertson.

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