Blantyre Pageant Part 3 of 3

Continuing the look at the spectacular pageant the Sunday School of the Blantyre Old Parish Church put on in March 1938. Held in the Miners Welfare, which was rather new at the time, the show is remembered here in this concluding part. There were several scenes from Blantyre’s history. Continuing on from yesterday:

‘Concert Artistes of 1900’ – The Crookit Bawbee, by M&J Carrurthers and ‘Soldiers of the Queen’ and ‘Long Live the King’ by Mr Richmond. The Great War scene was a fine tableau, the figure of peace being ably portrayed by JP Dunsmore; nurse B McAlpine, reader Miss B Campbell and singer Mrs. A Scott.

A fine scene was also ‘The Opening of the Livingstone National Memorial in 1929; which re-enacted the visit of the then Duchess of York. Those taking part were daughter A Davidson, father Mr. A Scott, Wraith of Livingstone J Moonie and reader N Scott.

The second last item on the programme was “A Tribute to the late Dr J Cowan Wilson” by Mrs Scott who with Mrs Smith and Messrs Richmond and Carruthers sang the well known choruses ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ and ‘Hail, Smiling Morn’.

The grand finale was “The Coronation Celebrations of Last Year” when all the members of the cast took part and it was a right jolly one, with eight of their number giving some stirring reels. The company then led the audience in the final song, “God Save the Queen” and one member got a hearty response when he called for three cheers for ‘Our Lovely Scottish Queen!”

While Miss Campbell had been greatly indebted for the assistance she received during the previous five months putting all this together in the preparation of the pageant from numerous ladies and gentlemen, she also expressed her thanks to Mr. William Galbraith, the pianist, who provided the orchestra and composed many of the choruses and set these to music. Again, another display of the effort that went into this pageant! Thanks also went out to Messrs George Logie and John Millar for arranging and fixing up the stage lights. Reporters of the era were quick to congratulate Miss Campbell and indeed all involved on behalf of the Blantyre community for such a remarkable effort and incredible performance.

Apologies for the poor photo, but the archers and poets from another scene during this pageant are pictured.

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