Blantyre Pageant, Part 2 of 3

Continuing our look at the wonderful Blantyre Pageant which the Sunday school of Blantyre Old Parish Church put on in March 1938. Our coverage of that event continues from yesterdays descriptions. The pageant picks up at the 17th Century covering various scenes from Blantyre’s interesting history. Held in the Miners Welfare, a great audience witnessed this pageant.

The scene entitled “Blantyre Kirk Session Meeting Held on 5th July 1693” was a most interesting one and here Miss Campbell deserves a special word of thanks for having had incorporated in her story the missions of the meeting which provided the people of today with the rigid discipline that prevailed in the Church of Scotland in those long past days. The minister of the church then was the Rev. Robert Landesse and Mr. Scott made a capital substitute. The elders in the dress of the period who were present at the meeting, were all named in the story and were portrayed by Messrs A Todd, Thomas Watson, J Lee, W McKillop, A Hyslop, A Struthers and G.McAlpine.

The next scene, the “Blantyre Parish School of 1730” was an interesting reminiscence of Blantyre’s school life in those days. The schoolmaster was Mr. J Lee and the pupils were E Hay, E Borland, M,McKinlay, M. Watson, A Baird, R Martin, T Watson, D Rochead, E Young, W Young and R Smith.

“The Heilandman’s Year 1745” showed a Blantyre family discussing the stirring times of the Jacobean Rebellion, when Prince Charlie passed through Blantyre when it had been quelled. The family were Mother N Scott, Grannie B McAlpine, Father A Scott, Mirren G Chambers, Kate M Watson, Jock R Smith, Bob A Hyslop.

Another scene was Professor John Millar of Millheugh”, which estate is at High Blantyre. The Professor was Mr Hugh Richmond and the law class consisted of Messrs W Bethan, J Mackie, J Moonie, A Smith and D Muir.

An interesting dialogue was carried out between David Dale and James Monteith, the founders of the Blantyre Weaving and Spinning Mills in 1790. The characters being J Carruruthers and A Scott. A scene representing David Livingstone and his mother was featured by E Smith and A Davidson.

“Early Coal miners in Blantyre 1868” was featured by A Hyslop, W McKillop and J Struthers.

“New Schools opened in Blantyre 1875” showed the teacher M Carrurthers and various pupils E Barron, E Borland, E Hay, I Leitch, W McKinlay, H Smith, J Struthers, A Baird, E Martin, D Rochead, T Watson, E Young and W Young.

“The Great Blantyre Colliery Disaster 1877” was featured by Angel G Chambers, Singer Mr.J Carrurthers and the scene included C.McFarlane, A Struthers, JP Dunsmore, M Smith, A Hyslop, E Barron, J Leitch, J Struthers, E Young and D Rochead.

“New Churches Opened in Blantyre 1880” showed Allan Todd as a modern minister with a large congregation.

The rather frightful “Monks” of Blantyre Priory are pictured from this pageant.

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