Stonefield Public Park

Let me tell you a story next. Once upon a time there was a beautiful park which went by the name Stonefield Public Park. I say “went”, for now it is officially known as McAnulty Park.

Since the 1930’s, a place of beauty which installed a huge sense of pride in the community as well as being a lovely place for hard working families to visit. And visit they did. Not just to see the pristine memorial arch which remembered a valued doctor, not just to see wooden trellises laden with fragrant climbing flowers, nor just to see the well tended flower beds and edged lawns, ever so carefully laid out. Families came to play on the play equipment, play pitch n putt, play games in the old mans rest and even in summer enjoyed boats on the sizeable boating pond. Devoid of litter or graffiti, one flowerbed even formed a seasonal display and park-keepers were complimented on their efforts.

Can I say that about this space today? Sadly no. Today, flowers are a scarcity, grass is infrequently cut and the days of trellises and climbing flowers, boating ponds and paddling in summer are long gone. Something feels lacking in the park in the modern era. We could only hope for beautiful park such as the one in Strathaven which surely sets a standard. However, I will end this post with noticeable positives about the park. Those trees are now tall, green, healthy and make the whole area pleasing. There’s also some great play equipment for children. It’s fantastic we have well drained football pitches for sport and the area used for galas and popular, public events.

For assisting with the Blantyre Community Action Plan, it would be great to hear your feedback. What’s your thoughts on the park now? How could it be improved upon?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

  • Ann Millar Not like that noo which is a shame, it uze to be a lovely park!!
  • Helen Grieve I lived opposite that entrance until 1969. The scent of wall flowers every spring was beautiful. The flower beds were changed by the season always well kept…grass short, edges trimmed and not a weed in sight. Sad to see it now.
  • Elizabeth Cushley Weir I loved this park as a child
  • Nancy Sinkinson It was a beautiful park
  • Paul McLauchlin Who sanctioned the name change? I certainly don’t know a single person who refers to it by this new “official” name
  • Georgina Durnan Mackie Totally agree never heard it called that
  • Amie Jardine There’s definitely some eye sores around this park now that need replaced
  • Mary McGuigan Should never have been touched great times in park as a kid should have been left for our kids and grandkids and always just known as the public park
  • Mick Watson I remember the park entrance looking like that, not anymore unfortunately .I have a vague memory of black and white tiles as well like a chessboard .
  • Anne Callaghan Loved the rose gardens – the aroma was lovely
  • Gordon Mather Practically grew up in that park 60’s and early 70’s. Stayed in Glasgow Rd near to it, was in almost every day. Great memories of a bygone Blantyre treasure.Fair to say though I think the younger generation prefer what it is today, but I am delighted to be able to remember what it was.
  • Georgina Durnan Mackie My mum alway took us to the park it was beautiful now its just so ran down shame really 
  • Sadie Dolan Loved this park got fab childhood memories was so beautiful full of lovely flower beds everywhere the boats,putting galas, paddling pools,
  • Joan AndersonLoved going to the park while visiting grandparents in the 60’s. When the sheltered housing was built our Gran had a wee house there and the view was of the arch and what would have been on the other side of the road – Hastie’s Farm – Gran and Granpa’s home for many years. Park was always filled with gorgeous flowers.
  • Lyne Carroll RaeWas a beautiful park, lots to do in it, boats, pitch and putt, paddling pools , total mess now 
  • Mari Pollock Thompson My dad will be whirling in his grave looking at all the beautiful parks that once were in his day as a gardener, or as a recreation manager.
  • Hayley Wood Always went here with our mum and friends take a picnic and play for hours best days ever, just ain’t the same
  • Elaine Macpherson It was beautiful
  • Alex Latimer My dad did the gardens in the park in those days Gordon and had them absolutely beautiful
  • Mary Borland I used to love going to this park, going on the boats or up the top end in the small pond, I loved my childhood and teenage years there, the memories are endless, and they should have kept it that way.
  • Robert McLeod-Wolohan They should make it look like back in the 60s and onwards, many a great day i had there when i was a young boy, and then my own kids, sadly its all gone, the boating pond was a favourite of many people, including myself lol the wee paddling pool was great for the kids, pitch and putt, i always remember at the boating pond when ur time was up, and the parkie shouting come in number 9 your time is up lol such very very fond memories.
  • Anne Irvine Those were times when there was less money to spend but our park was the place to go. Beautiful flowerbeds, activities gala days etc. Priviledged to have been around then to enjoy. Today sadly, nice well kept park but not a patch on the early years.
  • Marc Moran I remember teams of men working on the rose beds when I was wee , sad to see these thing are no more
  • Drew McKinlay Andra McAnulty was my great grandfather. If people don’t know anything about him, and his contributions to the people of Blantyre, then I’d advise you to get a book called ‘A Blast from the Past’. It’s a fascinating read and I think it is available from Amazon.
  • Helen Clark The park was beautiful and well kept when i was a child. It would be lovely if they set aside an area of the park solely for wild flowers and possibly some picnic tables so that today’s kids could better enjoy it, make it a family area again.
  • Jim Canning Are there no garden clubs in the area that could take over a patch and keep it in flower. It would be a start and if it works, expand on the area. There has to be volunteers that would be interested.

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