Building the Nazarene Hall

Let’s go back to 13th July 1982 and to Elm Street, Low Blantyre. This photo shows the construction of the Nazarene Church. Pictured in similar construction materials to St Andrews Church, Devlin Grove and the Sports Centre, the church replaced the previous timber hut, which was no longer fit for purpose.

With its rathe unique design, the Nazarene Church opened a few months later in October 1982. What can you tell me about this building?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

John Queen got married in it

Orlando Ancilotti It was a corrugated metal building for many years, before they built this.

William MacSporranWent to Sunday school and the Boys Brigade in the tin version… Miss Reid, the Sunday School teacher was a lovely lady ❤️ tall and thin, wore thick specs and was the kindest person ever.

Jean Gibson I used to go to services with my mum in the old tin church more than 60 years ago. The pastor was Willie Mackie.

Carol Porter I went to Sunday school in the old building for quite a few years with Mr Mackie the minister. A time when we all wore our Sunday bests. I can still smell the wood as you walked in and it was always freezing. Miss Reid and Mr Togher were the teachers. I had the best times in this old building.

Alexander Thomson My granpa was a minister in the church and married me and my late wife there many a year ago xx

Janet Saunders Got married here in Sept 1988, by Mr Mackie.Mr mackie also christened me but was in the old church.

Anne Grogan The Mackies were a lovely couple, my husband preached in there in 1987 before we emigrated to Canada.

Betty McLean Married 60 years ago in the old building and loved the new church when visiting Blantyre. Great memories of the people who attended that church. Relatives of the Mackie family who gave so much of themselves to minister there.

Charles W Chatham Found memories I remember my mother Mary Chatham dragging me to church on a Sunday , remember it well the coldest church in Scotland remeber that stare from Jan Reid if we made a sound she always dressed in that black trench coat. Paster baillie was a nice preacher he left to go to pitsburgh penn. My mother was one of the longest active members as well as the choir , taught Sunday school. Good memories of Willie macki . Chic Chatham. Canada. My mother Mary Kelly

Ann Ferguson My dad was Mr Mackie. The old church, which I believe was an old Nissan hut originally was burnt down (along with a few others in the town ☹️) and the new church was built as a replacement – sadly not ready in time for my wedding in July 1982 but dad still married me in the Livingstone Church. My parents gave many years of faithful service to the church and they were so proud when the church opened.

Helen McKean Married here 1986 by Rev Mackie x

William Mackie I believe I was first person christened there along with my brother albeit I was a bit older .i remember travelling around with my Grandpa picking folk up in the minibus to take them to church and back, then going back to their house where my gran would have a big lunch ready 

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