1982 St Andrew’s Church

This photo shows the newly completed and finished St Andrews Church. Taken at the corner of Church Street and Glasgow Road on 13th July 1982, the church had only been opened for 4 months.

A little earlier 21st March 1982, the Rev. John Handley, Moderator of Hamilton Presbytery, opened the new and current St Andrew’s Church on the same site of the former Stonefield Parish Church. Also in attendance were the Very Reverend professor Robin Barbour, former Moderator of the General Assembly and the architect, Mr. R. Robertson. It was built at a cost of £187,000.

The main sanctuary has seating for 180, but a sliding partition connecting with the hall provides seating for 400 if necessary.

With decline in numbers as part of the modern church’s challenge, St Andrew’s embarked on a philosophy of mission. The church became a ‘mission partner’ with St Ninian’s Centre in Crieff and a program of mission development began. The laity was challenged to become part of the vision building and the church was structured to develop mission. A Tea Room was established which has become a welcome community resource that continues to this day. A ‘Mustard Seed Prayer Group’ was formed and healing services were introduced. In 1992, Rev James Gregory retired. Congregation continue to attend this church each Sunday.

A modern photo from a snowy, covid lockdown in 2021 shows a similar comparison to 39 years ago and surprisingly little change. What else can you tell me about St Andrew’s Church?

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