John Street Piggery, 1955

Rather superb photo of the former piggery at the bottom of John Street. Over the railway, under the tunnel, the piggery was located on the Clyde Braes and those people of a certain age may remember the smell!

Residents throughout Blantyre were encouraged to separate their food scraps, which would be uplifted for free and taken as food for the pigs. There were always jobs to be done, a great source of part time work for nearby locals. This photo from 1955 shows the various pig pens, some covered. In WW2, the piggery was owned by the Kay family, selling on to McPhees. There were several piggeries in Blantyre in the subsequent decades, including one at Springwells, Greencroft, Bardykes Road, Newhouse, Auchinraith and not forgetting the Nicholsons piggery at Blantyre Braes.

What else can you tell me about this particular piggery?

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