Celtic Team Visit Blantyre, 1910

On 29th August 1910 a benefit football match took place at Blantyre Vics Ground at Forrest Street. This however, was made all the more remarkable as one team was none other than Celtic Football Club who brought their full, first league team players.

The charity match was against the Lanarkshire Junior Select and of course such a rare occasion attracted a large audience of thousands of people. The game however returned a result for the professionals , an easy victory of 6 goals to nil. It was a result most people expected as a junior side took on professional, seniors who at the time were on a run as being Scottish Champions, but entertaining nonetheless.

The proceeds of the match went to swell the funds for improving the Castle Park Grounds.

I have to wonder if Celtic Director, James Kelly, a Blantyre man himself was instrumental in making this happen.

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