Blantyre Bookie remains Amused

On Friday 7th March 1913, a Blantyre bookmaker, appeared before the Sheriff in the Court in Hamilton. In big trouble, he had been caught gambling illegally in the street and in quite the literal sense had given the police a run for their money!

Officers on foot chased him running through Blantyre’s streets and hedgerows for almost a mile before he was captured. While his case was being heard in the Court, his face was only one of amusement and smiles, much to the frustration of officers. His face wreathed in smiles and amusement as he recalled the merry dance. As the Fiscal related the story of his detailed pursuit and capture, the bookie knew the outcome already and having done fairly well in previous weeks in his illegal profession was not overly worried. Even the maximum penalty of £10 which was imposed did not cause his good humour to abate one bit, and as he promptly handed over the exact maximum fine in a pre-prepared envelope, he walked jauntily from the Court.

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  1. That’s a great story Paul, a bit like the stores snubbing their noses at the fine of $1000 to open over easter, they just blatently don’t care and happily hand over the fine.

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