Easter Monday

Thanks to Linda Marieskind in NZ who sent in this great poem this Easter Monday. Linda may be far away, but her heart and mind is most definitely here in Blantyre. Happy Easter everybody.

Tae hae an easter egg
we a’ waantit and waitit
wan frae grannie up the street?
wan frae grannie doon the village?
wan frae Aunty Margaret,

Keep wan the day
Tae roll an’ eat
we’ll gang tae roll it furst,
share wi mammie
Daddy’s oan the night shift
He’ll nae waant a bit.

Sunday school cam furst
new hats and gloves tae wear
then Church wi’ Grampa n Grannie
singin’ Hallelujah fair,
the chorus belted oot
a peppermint tae sooth us

Noo at last, we take a turn
doon the dandy by the burn?
Or wus it ower the brig
tae Bothwell
At las’ we roll they eggs,
chocolate faces a’.

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  1. Awe, noo am embarrassed, I didny expect sich praise Paul, many thanks, I loved writing it, not a great poem, but does the job eh!

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