Territorial Army, 1960s

Blantyre Project reader and friend, Archie Simm messaged me recently saying, “A few apprentices in Belmos were part of The Territorial Army. We were part of “C” (Charlie) company 1st and 2nd battalion The Cameronians. Our company HQ was at the bottom of Logan Street (hope that is all accurate!).

5 of us went to annual camp together in 1964 (I think) to Folkestone, Kent. The T.A. even took us for a day across to Boulogne in France. I remember us walking around town, each eating a French loaf, commonly known as a baguette nowadays. Taking home a pack of Cirque Bleu cigarettes seemed very exotic then. The following year we were all discharged when the TA was disbanded and reformed. I never did sign on again.

Having searched thousands of pics in my archives, I am amazed that I cannot find one single photo of me or the group in uniform. I am wondering if any of my old apprenticeship and TA pals are still around and have any pertinent pics they could share.

They are:
Lindsay McDade (Blantyre)
Alex Hammond (Quarter and Hamilton)
Jim McCann (Hillhouse?)
Archie Kane (Fairhill). Archie had a notion to move to Canada, maybe he did.
I think Lindsay has been in or around Blantyre for all of his life.
I met Alex at Morrison’s in Hamilton a few years ago and at a Hamilton Accies game. We reconnected for a half day and spent it in a Glasgow. I never thought to ask on those occasions if he had any photos.

Those were fun teenage years and a pity I have no pics to reflect upon. The memories are there though.”

Can anybody help? Maybe YOU have photos of the Territorial Army, those camps abroad or even a few more comments to add. Would be great to track down the people listed here.

Photo: For illustration only

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