Stonefield Parish Church Jubilee

Dr John McArthur recently sent me this lovely little Jubilee Brochure from 1930. It celebrates with a soiree on 25th June 1930, the 50th Year Anniversary of the former Church, once located on Glasgow Road.

The souvenir brochure, beautifully embossed, explored key events in the history of the church and also featured a programme of celebrations. John told me, “One of the singers at  the concert, Isa Sempie was related to you:  she was married to your great grandfather’s brother John’s brother Tom (and my uncle.)”

Some of the historical events include

1880 – Opening the church on 29th June.
1898 – Manse Built and clear of debt
1912 – Presentation of Baptismal font (wonder where that is now?!)
1923 – Church, almost wrecked by colliery workings was completely restored.
1930 – Pipe organ presented, thanksgiving and Jubilee celebrations

With thanks to John for sharing.


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  1. Linda – John is indeed the man who married Elizabeth Bowie, though sadly she passed away in 2004. John emailed me a nice message today and connected some of the ancestry dots for me. I am indeed related to him. Hope you’re well there in NZ. You guys seem to be coping well without Covid. Long may that continue. Stay safe and well, Paul

  2. Hello Paul and John
    Thank you for sharing this information. This was my home church, I’m wondering If John, you are the person who married my beautiful Sunday School teacher, Miss Bowie?? I never remember if she was Elizabeth or Mary, although I think I went to school with Mary. And what a coincidence that you are both related! I’m delighted to see my home church again, it brings back great memories. My grand father and grandmother were John and Maggie Pearson, my Mum Mary. I have never found another home church like Stonefield either in Australia or New Zealand which is where I live now. God Bless,

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