Beautiful Greenhall House

A few years back, a friend of mine gave me some photos of his former home, Greenhall House in High Blantyre. Photos of the house, of the gardens and estate in general. Some dating as far back as a hundred years.

So how about this lovely photo of the house in all its glory. This private, grand house once sat where the current car park is at Greenhall Park. You may be able to put it in context if I point out that the later pitch n putt sloping field would have been out the picture to the right.

Unusually for photos of this house, this one shows the building almost entirely covered in ivy, making Greenhall, even more green! On land originally owned by the Arbuckle family, the estate was more commonly known for ownership by the Wardrop- Moore (Muir) family who were there for around 250 years until 1921.

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