1981 Glasgow Road

Let’s go back 40 years now to 21st September 1981, and one of the last few tenements to get knocked down on Glasgow Road. This is 150-168 Glasgow Road, on the north side of the street. Beyond in the background you can see the blue hoarding of the Sports Centre Construction site, which should hopefully put this into context. Today this scene is the front of Devlin Grove.

The picture is a sorry state as the last few traders pack up from their boarded up premises. Rigo Russo’s can be seen in the middle of the block. Who remembers the other shops here?

I’ll be posting in great detail about this side of the road towards the end of the year.

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  1. This great as my sister and I are looking into our family history and both our great grandparents lived and worked our the Glasgow road mainly in the pits my maternal great grandmother lived in one of the lands in stonefield at Blantyre

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