Shuttle Row, 1913

This photo was in a local newspaper in 1913, taken that year to illustrate an article about the life of David Livingstone.

The article celebrated 100 years since the famous Explorer was born in one of the upper rooms of this building, Shuttle Row.

The photo demonstrates the condition of the building, looking particularly run down with some difficult living conditions. A delivery cart sits outside some of the homes on the right. The lower plaster has come off the ground floor, exposing the old red bricks. To the left is the former washhouse. Whilst there are signs of whitewash, it’s clear the building hadn’t been painted for some time.

Two adult females stand at either doorway. A look at the 1911 census may return some possible candidates for names.

This was before the building became a museum. Today, the museum is being fitting out, fully renovated, right back to the brickwork itself. Opening later this year, subject to progression out of the Covid pandemic.

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