James Reynolds, Tram Driver

Pictured is local man, James Reynolds in his Lanarkshire Tramways Company Uniform.

James was a tram driver but later became an Inspector. It is safe to say trams were well used. In the New Year holiday period in just a few days in 1903/1904, over 106,000 people used the trams, bringing in around £200. Inevitably, there were accidents. Small claims against the tram company were numerous, usually from injured horses and damaged carts.

 Stop also to think for a second of how the tram drivers task in winter must have been a grim one. Steering in snow, hail and rain in an open front car, a little windshield offering little protection, it is something many of us forget these workers had to endure.

With thanks to the great, grandson of James…..Stephen Boyle for sharing this interesting photo, which is believed to be around 1910.

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