Boy & Girl in Field

Sadly, and despite best efforts, I don’t know the names of this boy and girl, standing posing for the camera in a field. But they are amongst a collection of Blantyre photos taken between 1895 and 1915.

So the photo serves simply as “eyes into the past” and an indication of the type of clothes local children were wearing 120 years ago. I would add, I think there’s parental pride in this photo. Hair is brushed, the faces are clean.

These kids are no longer on this earth and likely their own children aren’t either anymore. However, they could be grandparents or great grandparents of people reading this article! A long shot, but if you recognise them, please do let me know.

With thanks to Alex Bowie for sharing this photo.

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  1. Hi Paul,

    thanks for posting, again, your creativity is wonderful, naming the photo “eyes into the past”. And thanks to Alex Bowie for posting. Is Alex Bowie the same Alex Bowie who married Elizabeth from “Stonefield Parish Church” way back in the 1950’s or a son of?

    My thoughts on seeing these little children was that while they were dressed up, hair combed neatly, their faces clean, their eyes (in the past) tell a story to me, purely subjective, the lad looks like he is looking at the camera with some curiosity, perhaps a little non-trusting, afraid of what is going to happen next?

    And the wee girl also, has a half smile (reminds me of the Mona Lisa) as though she is afraid to not smile but looking to the side, to perhaps a someone else telling them what to do, again she doesn’t seem comfortable, that she might run off as fast as she can when the ordeal is over??

    Just my few hypothesis on an interesting study since we don’t know any more about the children.Thanks again for a lovely “eye to the past”.

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