Blantyre Tram

Stephen Boyle shared this fantastic family photo with Blantyre Project this week. Previously unseen online, he writes, “Here’s a photo of my great grandfather James Reynolds, pictured at the controls of the the tram on the Blantyre route. He later became an inspector on the trams.  I’m uncertain of the exact date or year but obviously it’s early 1900’s. The name of the tram conductor is unknown to me.”

I’ve put some colour into the photo to show roughly what it would have looked like. The location is unknown but must have been at one of the many Blantyre tram stops. The date would have been after 1903.

I’ve also zoomed in on some of the features. A good shot of Mr Reynolds and of the conductor. The tram is clearly bound for Blantyre as the sign shows. There is also enough detail to see the metal ‘guard’ below the front, which would have scooped up any person or animal which had the misfortune to fall below it, protecting from the wheels behind.

Trams ran along cobbled sections of carriageway and lasted 27 years in Blantyre, gone by 1930 as the emergence of competitive public transport and further popularity of vehicles took hold.

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  1. The colours may not be completely accurate, but great picture. Car No 48 was built in 1908, so could be any time up to 1930 unless personal details can narrow it down.

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