Blantyre Bowling Club

When Alex Bowie shared this great photo with Blantyre Project, he suggested it was Blackwood Bowling Club, as it was mixed in with photos of both Blantyre and Blackwood Bowling Clubs.

However, I’d like to suggest this is actually Blantyre. Not only are some of the men recognised by me as Blantyre men from other photos, but the location IS Blantyre Bowling Club. Blackwood did not have picket fences and indeed, I recognise the location as Blantyre due to the gravel paths around the green. However, the real confirmation comes from the the background, which is telling.

This photo is taken from the current green, just off Stonefield Road, looking eastwards. In the background to the left is the chimney, bing and building of Auchinraith Colliery. To the far right is the tall signal box once located alongside the railway, approximately now where the junction of Victoria Street meets Burnbrae Road. Maps seem to confirm this.

The men appear in other photos which I know are dated early 1910’s, and looking considerably younger here, I’d date this photo, previously unseen online to around 1900-1905. They’re proudly showing their medals from their waistcoats. I’ve stopped short of looking at newspapers to see who the team was in that era, but that would be the next step to try to identify these men.

Got LOADS of amazing new (old Blantyre) photos to show you this year!

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