1953 Coronation Party

Alice McConachie shared this brilliant photo of children enjoying the Queen’s Coronation at a part in 1953. It was taken at the bottom of Priory Street, Blantyre.

Alice told me, “My mum Alice Wright (nee Maxwell) is the lady on the right hand side. My brother James Wright is in the second back row on the right hand side next to my sister Elizabeth Sweeney (nee Wright). My sister Maureen Meechan (nee Wright) is in the front row third from the left.”

I’ve seen this photo before and with the help of others who have commented on it also, able to provide a little more detail and some more names.

Ann Wilson (nee Grant) is on the front row, second on the right. To her left in the stripey skirt is Margaret Campbell. Left again on that front row is Margaret’s brother, Duncan. Behind Margaret on the second row is her older brother, Robert and to his left is Anna Woods and then Louis, Margarets second eldest brother. Back row, second on the right is Hamish McLean.

Margaret once told me, “My brother Robert lived with our Grand parents, so he knew all the other children. We are a very close family of 7 boys and 7 girls. My dad also came from a large family of 15, his father also being a miner.”

Others in the photo include Barbara Brown and Isobel Edgar in the front row. Olive Brown in the second row and Moira Goodwin the third row from the front. The Miller family are also in this photo.

Over 25 kids sit nicely for the camera, complete with their party clothes and hats. It’s a great picture and this scene would have been replicated that day [2nd June 1953] all over the nation

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  1. Hi Paul, I have seen this photo before, but can’t help thinking of the day myself, when our street, Calder Street was lined with tables and wee chairs while we sat and were feted for the party to celebrate the coronation. I wonder if there was ever a photo of that party, it seemed to me as a four year old at the time that it was the biggest party ever and, yes, we were dressed in our best for the occasion. This photo brings back all the memories of the time and my wonder and awe of the huge gesture.

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