Ohm Suite Ohm

John Queen has kindly shared these photos from the early 1980’s. Pictured are a few well known local guys taken in the grounds of David Livingstone Centre on a September weekend in the early 80’s.

John told me, ” Pictured are James reid (AKA fuzzy). Wull MGuigan (both now passed) Eddie Derrick and Gibby. I’m in the background of the keyboard pic. I was the roadie. I seem to remember it was a centenary or something. This is part of Bandwagon history from years ago.”

The band was ‘Ohm Suite Ohm’. It was basically a tribute Floyd band and they lads used to rehearse in the old Apollo Bar upstairs lounge for a few years in their late teens.

John added, “I was part of the forming of Bandwagon when I was 17. It all sprang from there with a Princes trust grant to buy equipment for local kids to get them into music. I could write a full book on it as we had lots of challenges and lost the community Center. We ended up setting up the studio thats still in the Elizabeth Scott Community Centre (Terminal One)”

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