Jacks of Blantyre

You know I like to record opening dates of news businesses in Blantyre, well…New, rebranded supermarket ‘Jacks of Blantyre’ has now officially opened in High Blantyre!

Opening at midday today, Sunday 11 October 2020 at Main Street (in the former Family Shopper premises), Jacks promises to bring a variety of amazing, fresh and delicious products to the shelves. 

I was invited along for a sneak preview earlier today and pleased to make the following 10 observations:

  1. The store is fully renovated inside. Wide open aisles now make it easier for wheelchairs and prams to pass.
  2. It’s beautifully decorated with crisp, cool modern lighting.
  3. There’s a wide foyer area which feels large and open.
  4. The Post office is now separately located with enough space for queues. 
  5. Part of the Tesco/Booker outlet there’s over 500 brand new products, which we think all look amazing. (Check out our photos!)
  6. From what we’ve seen of the prices, it all looks very affordable and is going to give the likes of Lidl, Asda and Farmfoods a run for their money!
  7. Its incredibly clean
  8. It has a bakery section which is filled with amazing products.
  9. There are incredible meal deals.
  10. With new signage outside, there’s no doubt this is a Blantyre shop with signage inside also featuring some lovely contemporary scenes of Blantyre. 

Certainly the lasting and overwhelming feeling for me, is this now feels like a place to do a weekly shop, rather than filling a convenience basket.

Jacks was formed when founder Jack Cohen took his £30 demob money and sold surplus armed forces stock from his market stall in Hackney, East London. Today, Mo Razzaq’s store in High Blantyre is the first in Scotland to open the new ‘Jacks’ brand. We wish him and all the staff all the very best.

Finally, there’s a great opening deal on at the moment! Spend £20 between now and 9th November and you’ll get -£5 off!

Jacks of Blantyre is open 7 days a week from 7am to 10pm every day.

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