1967 Blantyre Old Parish Church

Things have been difficult for Churches, Ministers and their congregations in 2020. The global health pandemic has prevented the usual close, face to face contact that is so important in communities all over Scotland.

But like so many others this year, Churches have adapted and tried different things like broadcasting live services to ensure communities remain engaged. Such resilience only serves to tighten the bonds people had already formed and look to the future with positivity and hope.

In 1967, one Blantyre Church faced another testing time for their congregation but came through stronger thanks to some ingenuity.

In Summer that year, Blantyre Old Parish Church underwent some renovation work. For six whole weeks contractors worked to eradicate dry rot. Services were held in the Church Hall across the road. All weddings were conducted in Auchingramont Church in Hamilton.

Even after the church reopened, the gallery could not be immediately used with work still underway on the stairway. (but that was mostly due to the workmen away on the Glasgow Fair Holiday!)

Reflecting on above, when things are difficult and look to take us out of our comfort zones, know this. Such things are usually only temporary and a sense of community, resilience and togetherness will always prevail.

Blantyre Old is pictured just over a decade later in 1976 upon the arrival of Rev Jonathan Silcox.

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