Inside Chalmers Emporium

Our next stop inside another Blantyre shop takes us to the former Chalmers Emporium near the bottom of Stonefield Road. The date is the early 1970’s.

Chalmers was a great one stop shop for all your DIY and household goods. Lamp shades, paint, screws, wallpaper, it was a popular shop and well known. The Chalmers family lived in High Blantyre at Stonefield Place and their daughter was married to boxer, Walter McGowan.

Chalmers Paint Shop was later bought over and turned into the unisex hairdressers, Elizabeth and Douglass. Next door was Rodwells Fancy Goods then Mac Corgarrys, then finally near the Calder Street junction, Blacks the bakers.

What’s your memories of Chalmers shop?

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