Inside Calderglen House

Continuing a theme of inside properties in Blantyre. In December 2014, I visited New Calderglen Care Home just beyond Priory Bridge. Calderglen House is now a private care business but my visit was timed to ensure no disruption to elderly residents. I remember feeling fairly excited as I’d never been inside this grand big Blantyre house before. The staff kindly gave me a quick tour around the building.

However, it was the main staircase in the building that really took my breath away. The main hall and entrance staircase is absolutely stunning, made even more beautiful that visit by the festive decorations.

Three massive windows some 4m high adorn the facade, with  a beautiful old staircase leading up from both sides. In my view, even to this day, this is the most impressive staircase and entrance lobby in Blantyre. This area was designed clearly to show off to others when it was first built.

Of course though, this is home for many residents, and with many being elderly, quite rightly the building is fitted to make things more accessible, including the handrails you see.

The stair is impressive and is a far cry from the servant stairwell at the back of the house.

The Cochrane family who lived there in the late Victorian and Edwardian era were certainly enjoying the high life by comparison to most others in Blantyre. I’ve somehow ‘inherited’ part of the collection of their old documents, papers , photos and ornaments, which I hope to be able to share in posts here in the coming months.

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