Kaunda comes to Blantyre, 1967

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In Summer 1967, the David Livingstone Centre was visited by the son of President Kaunda of Zambia.

Mr Panji Kuanda was taken round the birthplace of the famous missionary and shown many relics which came from his own country, some as the picture shows, which he recognised! For 2 years, Panji had been at Sandhurst Military college and was by then planning a return to Zambia (formerly Rhodesia) to take an army position. During his two years in Briatin, he developed a liking for British Culture and its people.

By visiting the Livingstone Centre, he had fulfilled a lifelong wish. Speaking to reporters he told them that Livingstone was still greatly respected in his home country. He took great delight in all the exhibits, singling out spending longer on the Zambian ones. A promise was made to curator, Bill Cunningham, that he would return to Scotland to holiday one day.

Born in 1947, Panji married in 1971 and has a keen interest in all sports. Amongst his accomplishments, was being elevated to Deputy Minister working in Defence and Home Affairs. It is thought he retied in 2015, the year this colour photo was taken.


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