1986 More Blantyreferme Bing

1986 Blantyreferme Bing 3

The last two photos in the set showing Blantyreferme and the efforts made in September 1986 to reduce the former Colliery Bing. The farm fields next to the main Blantyreferme Road were restored by a significant reduction in levels, removing much of the bing, that had been there for almost 100 years before.

Amongst the existing woods at the Priory and Blantyreferme, in amongst the young trees sprouting up and the green, mossy and fern covered ground, you can still find many pieces of coal and slag often. It’s a constant and relatively hidden reminder of an industry that shaped Blantyre in the 19th and 20th Centuries.

These photos are from September 1986, some 34 years ago. I was surprised it was done as far back as that and can remember this being done very clearly. It made the whole area look very, very different. I for one am glad the unsightly bings are away and good to see the land being put back to some good use.

1986 Blantyreferme Bing 14

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