High Blantyre United, 1992

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Cash strapped High Blantyre United, were nearly unable to play the most important game in their 16 year history in April 1992 when thieves stole 9 footballs valued at £240. The theft took place from manager Donald McLachlan’s car just days before a Scottish Amateur quarter final clash against Cumbernauld.

The theft was even more disappointing as five of the high quality balls had been donated by local Blantyre businesses only 5 days earlier. Blantyre Miners Welfare and Dick Nimmo stepped in and the balls were soon replaced. High Blantyre United then went on to win 3-2. Players are pictured with sponsors and Welfare officials. Recognise anybody?

Note, High Blantyre United did exist before in the 1930s, thought to have been defunct by WW2. However, it was resurrected in 1976.

With thanks to Chic Buchanan who shared this photo. He writes, “My Dad David aka Daw Buchanan is in it, Centre Back Row. He was a very well known man about Blantyre and a  close friend of John Carrigan who also features in the Pic.”


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