Greenhall House, 1960’s

James Brown recently shared this fantastic photo of Greenhall House with Blantyre Project.

This was taken int he 1960’s just before the house was demolished, already at the time of this photo, a “maintenance” issue for them. I can’t help but feel the injustice in such a beautiful house being demolished and thinking now what a wonderful Blantyre museum that would have made, perhaps even paying for itself.

James told me, “This photo was taken by my father mid 60’s. That’s my mother, sister and gran in it. My father had a sense of devilment pretending it was their house.”

The house was now where the car park and railings are today. Makes me very sad to see such things lost forever. Lots of great photos previously unseen online of Greenhall coming later this year.

Whats your memories of this large house?

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