Schools Out for Summer, 1916

During 1916, local Schools finished up for term on Friday 30th June and Blantyre children ran gleefully out their schools into the streets knowing a full summer lay ahead.

That day though, was marked by other newsworthy events. During the evening, three girls were walking along Glasgow Road when one of them slipped and fell against the plate-glass window at the shop of William Baxter & Sons, fruiterers at the Masonic Chambers on the South side of the road. The force of her fall caused the window to be completely smashed, but fortunately the girl escaped with just a badly cut hand. It was agreed by all it could have been much worse!

The School Holidays did however come with some disappointment before the final bell was rung. Unfortunately the Blantyre School Board, in their desire to economise during those Wartime years, did not see fit to provide the usual academic prizes that year. The announcement, kept until that last hour of the last day of term, was a great disappointment to parents and indeed some of the children who believed they had been on a path for recognition.

For illustration. From the 1915/1916 school year, here’s a cracking photo of a group Blantyre children. The picture is enhanced and sharpened by Blantyre Colourised. The two children front right are High Blantyre siblings, Robert and Kate Ritchie. The photographer, is likely David Ritchie their father. The other kids, perhaps cousins or friends.


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