Killed by the Doctor’s Car

1910 Glasgow road wm

About ten o’clock on the evening of Tuesday 16th May 1916, a terrible motor car accident occurred on Glasgow Road, Blantyre, resulting in the death of a boy and injuries to two girls.

This was a time of very few vehicles on the road and few rules for safety. The motor car in question actually belonged to Dr. John Cowan Wilson, though the good doctor was not driving nor in the car. In charge behind the wheel was his chauffeur, Hugh Guy who had been noted as driving at a very moderate speed to the surgery to meet the doctor.

When passing the T junction at Station Road, suddenly a boy ran across the road in front of the car. The chauffeur knew he had hit him and in seeking to avoid him had actually also driven the car into the direction of two girls, both of whom were knocked down on the pavement.

Hugh got out quickly and did his best to save the boy, but the splash board of the car caught him and fractured his skull. The injured boy was at once conveyed to Parkville, the house of Dr. Wilson, where sadly he died in half an hour, never having regained consciousness.

His name was William Hawkins, aged 8 years, and was the son of Mr Thomas Hawkins, a miner, who resided at 18 Miller Street, Dixon’s Rows. Police later that evening had to tell the boys father. The girls Annie Kerr, aged 10, and Elizabeth Ramsay Mail, aged 6 years fortunately escaped with slight injuries, shock and shaking. They were both taken by others back to their homes in Craig Street, Blantyre.

The location of the accident is pictured.

From the book, “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2020

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Marian Maguire Aw poor wee soul, may he rest in peace.
Moyra Lindsay I wonder if That Hugh Guy was related to the driving instructor.
Margaret Liddle Moyra Lindsay the Hugh Guy you said taught my daughter to drive, but I remember his mother having the shop on Glasgow Road she had penny,tuppence,trays you could spend your pennies on
Moyra Lindsay Margaret Liddle Hugh Guy taught me to drive and some years before that I spent hours in front of the trays! His father was lollipop man at high Blantyre cross for years in the 60s.
Margaret Liddle Moyra Lindsay Hugh actually gave me catch up lessons I learned to drive in South Africa when I came back to Blantyre in 1993 I had to sit a test so that’s were Hugh came in, great guy so that’s why I got my daughter to have driving lessons and go to Hugh
Moyra Lindsay Margaret Liddle I passed 1st time 1968. His mum was a lovely lady.
Susan Smith Marie Shaw-Gilluley any relation do you think ?
Margaret Duncan such a sad story – one can only imagine the terrible grief the poor father must have felt – no mention of his mother?
Margaret Mary OSullivan  Must have been so awful for all involved.
Graeme Murray Is he the guy Cowan Wilson ave named after
Blantyre Project Yes Graeme. Dr Cowan Wilson was a highly respected doctor in Blantyre and beyond.
Anne Irvine Such a sad story rip
Rena Caullay Is this the man named on the arch in the public park ?.
Blantyre Project The Doctor is, yes.
Margaret Mckenna Was this hugh guy senior and not his son
Blantyre Project Im not sure as ive not done any research on this family in that era, but the name was unusual in Blantyre during 1916 and may have had connections to the Guy family who would go on to own a shop in Glasgow Road.
Margaret Mckenna Blantyre Project yes they did it just sounds like it is to early for hugh junior as he will be in his early 80s mrs guy had the shop in 1960 and before xx
Ruth Gee What a sad story. Still a terrible bit in the road all these years later.

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