J&J Mackie Ltd, Garage

Jim Mackie was surprised this week when a family member contacted him to say he had come across Jim’s old Landrover in Cumbria.

Jim had run Blantyre business J&J Mackie Ltd. Jim and his own father built the garage in 1965 and sold up to retire in 1997, the time when he sold on this vehicle. It was once all yellow, so it has had some work done to it during the last 23 years, but the business branding is still on it, including Blantyre phone number 2166.

We’re sure many Blantyre residents will have memories of Mackie’s ‘Estate Garage’ in High Blantyre over the years. What are YOUR memories or what can you tell me to add to the detail?

With thanks to Jim and to Carole Rickard.

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