1976 Preparing for the Expressway

Let’s go back to 1976 next and to High Blantyre. Pictured here courtesy of Gordon Cook is the view from former Dixon’s Pit 2 looking across to the relatively new Jerusalem Houses.

A recognisable sight, still with their flat roofs at the time. The industrial activities in the foreground is the earthworks phase for the 2nd part of the EK Expressway. The stretch from EK down to Crossbasket had already been built and this phase pictures was from Crossbasket to Auchinraith.

The whole area was filled in and landscaped by bulldozers and steamrollers for weeks on end to raise it above the new proposed road, something that can still be seen by the elevated sloped today on Hillhouse Road. A large trench was excavated to take the new realigned Hillhouse Road under the new underpass at Douglas Street, though initially there was no roundabout at that location. It was a T junction.

I was a little young to remember this at the time, but I’m told there was a great expectation that this would significantly reduce traffic coming from Stoneymeadow, then going along Main Street. It was also a phase that hugely went over budget, with some particular issues around where the Auchinraith roundabout and underpasses are now.

Who remembers this then?

1976 Seatons and expressway

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