Blantyre Old Parish Church, 1975

1975 Blantyre Old Parish Church

Photographed from the direction of Douglas Street at Loanfoot, is a view over to Blantyre Old Parish Church at High Blantyre. Taken around 1975 by Drew Semple, this was an area fast changing in the mid 1970’s, with the construction of EK Expressway nearby, which would shortly after sever Craigmuir Road, which ran by the church.

This era was just before the arrival of Rev Jonathan Silcox and his family. I’m sure a lot of people will remember the minister and indeed his wife, who taught many Blantyre children at High Blantyre Primary. Looking through the trees and beyond Main Street, you can see the couple of houses which still exist today. Since this picture was taken, the inside of the church and indeed the outside including the steeple have been extensively renovated and repaired.

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