1980 Clydeview Shopping Centre

1980 Clydeview West1

Hope you like these excellent photos! From 1980, this is the western side of Clydeview Shopping Centre. Pictured from the public park looking across Glasgow Road, 40 years ago this Summer this initial part of the building had already been constructed alongside the new ASDA store. What we’re looking at built in block is now the Salvation Army, Bookmakers, Optical Express and the Tanning Salon. The Central Garage had previously been demolished to make way for this new build.

The steelwork is up in the other photo for Community Links and the current Library. (Caspers building)

I have to say, being a High Blantyre boy aged only 9 then, I literally have no memory of Clydeview Shopping Centre being built. I just remember it being there all of a sudden. Can YOU remember it being built?

1980 Clydeview West2Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Stevie Gill Brought up in logan street we used the entire development as a playground had some great times
Gary Morrison Central Garage ? Never heard Harpers described as that before.Central bar across the road but always known that as Harpers. Was that official name Blantyre Project ?
Blantyre Project First named ‘Johnstone’s Garage’ in early 1920’s, it was bought over by the Blue Line Motor Spirit Company in 1927 who renamed it that year to The Central Garage. Mr Gilbert Harper rented it. When Gilbert died in November 1934, Barbara Harper (w) took full control of the Central Garage and that year concluded the purchase of the premises from former Blue Line Motor Spirit Company Ltd. It was known as Harper’s Garage from 1934 to the early 1960s. In the 1960’s, Brian McLaughlin who owned a local undertakers/lorry business and a mechanics business in Glasgow Road (Felix Mclaughlins) purchased Harper’s garage and gave it back its original titled name of “The Central Garage”, a name which continued to exist until its demolition in early 1979. Hope this helps. The full story of the garage is noted in my book, “Glasgow Road South”.
Gary Morrison Blantyre Project -Cheers .I remember the building vividly-name ..not so much .
Anne Irvine I actually don’t remember it being built. And I’ve stayed in low Blantyre all my life. Maybe my age lol. Think working at the time. These things just appeared. Still good to look back
John Breen Anne Irvine Anne wiz big rab your faither
Paul Fitzpatrick Yes remember it being built always remember the smell when i first walked in . The circus used to come where it was built and you had the market
Anne Irvine John Breen Naw lol
Gerard Barrett asda ruined blantyre
Bert Thomson Remember it well. I worked in asda. When it was being built the job interviews were held in the Welfare.


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