Walking to Dixon’s Pit 2

1940s Dixons Pit 2 by GC2

Photos of Dixon’s Colliery Pit 2 are few and far between. The colliery sat high on elevated ground at the bottom of Sydes Brae overlooking High Blantyre. To put this photo in context , you have to imagine a time before the Expressway and in context the Big H roundabout at the end of Douglas Street would later be just out the photo to the right.

Hopefully the first time you’ve seen this excellent photo, shared by Gordon Cook. A woman walks the trail to the pit, a trail leads from former Priestfield Row. Perhaps in the 1950s? You can just imagine the view from the top of that bing!

Today, there are buildings in the Technology Park overlooking this location, with Hillhouse Road and the landscape realigned and now just out the picture to the right. Today, this scene looks something like this:

Screenshot 2020-06-20 at 21.07.31

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